Hoses for canal washing machines


Various organic substances contained in wastewater, falling into the storm and sewage system, cause deterioration of the sanitary condition of the system itself and the environment.

What can’t be found in sewage: grease, dirt, sand, biological waste ...

Pipes take the brunt of the sewage discharge.

Even with all the technical requirements for operation, various deposits (growths) accumulate on the pipe walls.

Due to growths, the inner diameter of the pipes is gradually reduced. And the more deposits in the pipe, the more intensively the process of increasing the layer of dirt occurs, the greater the likelihood of a complete failure of the pipe (clogging, decay). But the most dangerous is the accumulation of dangerous gases in the cavity of the pipeline, which negatively affect the material of which the pipe is made.

In order to get rid of the need to completely dismantle the damaged pipes and replace them with new ones, regular preventive cleaning of the sewage system should be carried out.

The assortment of our company includes sleeves with a metal braid for hydrodynamic washing.

Replacing the drainage system and sewage system will cost much more than timely maintenance.

Code Name

 2SN DN 25 P=165 (coil 100m)